Food Innopolis is under the National Science and Technology DevelopmentAgency (NSTDA), Ministry of Higher Education,  Science, Research and Innovation), is a global food innovation hub focusing on research, development and innovation for food industry.

It is fully equipped with qualified human resources and facilities to support food producers o f all scales, be it local, regional, or global. We provide a platform to strengthen your business and also to innovate your food industry. We are located at Thailand Science Park (TSP) which offers fully integrated infrastructure for science and technology.

Being in TSP, we are surrounded by advanced research institutes, universities and a large variety of private companies, ranging from innovative start-ups, SMEs, large companies and multi-national co-operations. We provide spaces for a variety of businesses such as clean room, double skin wall, sensitive lab, and heavy equipment area.

Apart from work area, we also offer accommodation and recreational activities. We understand that quality of life is a very important part for our tenants.


TMA – Thailand Management Association established 57 years ago in 1964, TMA, a non-profit and member-based organization, is a highly professional body of leaders and executives, from all branches of business in Thailand. Those people are dedicated to seeking and transferring knowledge through the exchange of the latest information on advanced managerial principles and practices in various fields including novel disciplines on technology and innovation.

TMA activities, encompassing management development education, consulting services, management content and information services and international conferences, are aimed at helping our members and the general audience stay abreast of the latest development in advanced managerial concepts and practices. TMA also provides networking and knowledge sharing opportunities for business people and public policy makers to create better understanding and cooperation in driving management excellence of the organizations.

Our ultimate goal thus is to drive for a sustainable and competitive Thailand through caring and capable human capital in the long run.

Food Innopolis and TMA are working with various organizations from both the public and private sectors to translate STI strategy into actions. Current projects include the Agro and Food Innovation-related projects aimed at establishing collaborative framework among leading food companies, and research institutions in developing technology and innovation for the sector, and a joint project between TMA and STI in technology focused entrepreneurship development.